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Alles nahe werde fern.

Muss es sein?
11:05"I used to build dreams about you." — F. Scott Fitzgerald (via satyanaas)

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13:15"When you touch me,
a moon rises.
You have always been
my sunset." — Pavana पवन (via maza-dohta)

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There is this odd trend
of taken women
saying they are too much,
and how the men they love
are amazing for dealing with them.

Love should not be a responsibility.
You should not have to deal with me.
Just because a woman is wild
and free
does not mean she is difficult.
He is not a martyr for loving me
through the good
and not so good.

Some mornings I will wake up swinging,
you do not get a gold star
for still loving me.

Some mornings I will wake up like a lamb,
you do not get a gold star
for loving me.

I am not a hurricane of a girl,
you always have the chance to leave.

" — Michelle K., Hurricanes. (via michellekpoems)

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Pablo Picasso: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907

Grown Woman by Beyoncé
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“She speaks more languages than anyone in the family. Because she plays with all the children in the street.” (Erbil, Iraq)
15:25 hyperallergic:

Zach Collins, “101zc14” (2014) 5x7 inch paper collage